Delta Tau Delta leads coat collection to fight the cold

Rather than complaining about attending classes, members of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity (Delt) thought of those without access to basic necessities during the frigid cold weather last week.

For the past few weeks, Delt brothers have been collecting jackets, blankets, clothing, and other items to  help the homeless of Columbus survive the extreme cold.

“It was our cook, Billy Thompson’s idea,” said senior Jordan Grammer, member of the fraternity.

“One of his friends in Columbus works with the homeless, and said they’d appreciate anything we give them.”

What was started as a project within the fraternity was soon expanded to the campus community when they realized its potential.

Grammer said a Facebook event was made to spread awareness among students, in addition to several posts in the OWU Daily.

According to Grammer, the responses have been promising, as he’s heard from individuals and organizations on campus.

“It’s working because I got an email last night from Circle K asking about blanket donations,” he said.

“People come to me between classes with donations, and groups on campus are getting involved too. We’ve actually had to upgrade to bigger box sizes thanks to the great support from the OWU community.”

Junior Quan Nguyen said he loved the idea from the beginning.

“After we heard the idea from (Billy), the whole chapter applauded him and I instantly thought it’s a great idea that (should be expanded to the campus),” said Nguyen.

The brothers made donations themselves immediately after hearing the idea, and more and more donations poured in each day.

“People are eager to help either by coming to the house or by giving me their donations,” Nguyen said.

Senior Priyanka Venkataraman said she is glad Delt is hosting such an event because it is important to help those in need.

“By contributing to this cause we are helping those who are in close proximity to us and making a difference in their lives,” she said.

“It may be a small step to provide them with clothes now but it really helps in the long run by encouraging them to believe that there is hope out there.”

Grammer, who believes his project exemplifies Greek service, said a donation box has already been taken to Columbus and they are still collecting items for a future donation.

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