Softball swings for postseason

Senior Danielle Haley throws a strike against Wittenberg April 13 at Margaret Sagan Field. Photo by Mike Serbanoiu
Senior Danielle Haley throws a strike against Wittenberg April 13 at Margaret Sagan Field. Photo by Mike Serbanoiu

Bishop softball is in full swing and ready to take on the NCAC tournament.

Sophomore Lilly Gresh said the team plans to make it to the tournament, and win.

“We most definitely have the talent and passion to go into the tournament and dominate against anyone that we play,” she said.

Junior Brooke Warner agreed with Gresh, and said you can’t overlook anyone in conference tournament play.

“It’s always anyone’s game no matter what the records are going into the match up, or the history of the programs,” Warner said. “So, taking every game one pitch at a time allows us to celebrate the small victories that get us where we want to be. We just strive to get better every inning.”

With a 9-1 home record, Warner said the team’s confidence level is high.

“I just think it’s easier to bring that mentality when we are playing at our house, with our fans, and all the other familiarities that allow us to relax and just play,” she said. “We are working on transitioning this mentality to road games too, and we are making true progress. “

According to Warner, all of the struggles the team faces during away games are mental, and the fact that most away games fields are quieter than they are used to.

“We don’t have a very secluded field, so at home we are constantly fighting the noise of the traffic, but that’s what keeps our dugout loud and our heads in the game on the field,” Warner said. “Sometimes when we are away, we allow the atmospheres of other fields dictate our intensity level and therefore we tend to lose focus or play a little timid.”

Gresh agreed and said the team gets excited to play at home for several reasons.

“You are playing in your comfort zone on your own turf, and most importantly, you have home-field support from your family, friends, and fans,” she said. “When playing at home, you want to defend what is yours and not let other teams defeat you on your own ground, so in turn, your adrenaline starts pumping and you play harder.”

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