Senate seeks fresh faces

Food and freshmen made their way onto the Wesleyan Council of Student Affairs’ (WCSA) full senate meeting agenda this Aug. 31.

Senior Emma Drongowski, vice president of WCSA, began discussing the changes to Ohio Wesleyan’s dining services after a brief greeting.

First on one senator’s mind was Trattoria, the late night dining service previously run out of Smith Dining Hall. Drongowski confirmed that it was not renewed for operation.

Dean of Students Kimberly Goldsberry explained the principle guiding that and many other dining-related decisions; “the president is asking us to each take a look at all the different times our food options are open and ask ‘are we using them effectively?’”

Responding to another senator, Drongowski also informed the assembly that the Library cafe has been removed as an evening food option.

One senator commented that the cafe was the only dining option for students working late in Beeghly Library.

“While we have heard that anecdote,” said Drongowski, “people in reality just don’t use it. It has the lowest numbers by far.”

Executive committee members are continuing talks with the administration in regards to the dining situation. Part of their long-term plan includes redirecting resources to improve the most frequently visited food stops and adding a hot meal option after 8 p.m.

With empty seats in the room, WCSA also voted to amend their election bylaws at the Monday meeting.

Typically, WCSA senators are elected by general election. “But the current process will take three or four weeks to fill the [vacant] positions,” said Drongowski.

In an attempt to fill these vacancies, Drongowski moved to waive the rules in favor of appointment by application. “We have an application made up which would be submitted to the executive board,” she said. “We will make approvals and then the full senate will vote on them.”

These applications will be aimed specifically at the class of 2019. Currently, no members of the freshman class are represented in the senate.

The motion was passed with only one senator abstaining. It is a one-time measure, meaning future appointments will follow the usual process.

Applications for the position will be distributed at the Sept. 2 club fair, through the OWU Daily, and over social media. They are due Wednesday, Sept. 9.


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