Obsession to the highest degree

Photo courtesy of theclash.com.
Photo courtesy of theclash.com.

I’m the kind of person who fixates on things. I definitely have an obsessive personality, so once I’m interested in something, I really don’t let go. And the same goes with albums. Rather, sections of albums.

Lately, I can’t stop listening to The Clash’s 1983 album, Sandinista! Actually, I can’t stop listening to the second disc. There are 36 songs on the album, which means I’ve been listening to the same 18 songs over and over again. Not that I mind.

When I try to listen to different music, I can’t get into it. I truly have no explanation as to why I’m so fixated on this section of the album. And Sandinista! isn’t the only culprit in this weird habit I have. For example, within the past few days, I can only listen to the second side of Bruce Springsteen’s The River. The first side? I mean, it’s good. But the second side is what is permanently on my mind.

These albums consume me. Not only is this the only music I can bear to listen to, these songs are permanently stuck in my head. I fall asleep with them circling my brain, and even before I open my eyes in the morning, they start yet again. Instead of doing schoolwork, I do research on the albums. I mean, I ultimately get my work done, but it just delays the process.

Fixation on specific parts of albums is definitely a weird thing, which I completely understand. I wish I had some sort of rationale or reason as to why this happens, but I definitely don’t. I know it will continue, I just want to know what album is next.

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