Chelsea Clinton, pushing politics since Trump paid taxes

By Liz Hardaway, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Growing up in the White House has a lot of perks, including train- ing Chelsea Clinton to be a political mule.

September 27, National Voter Registration Day, Courtney Dunne, editor-and-chief, and I were con- tacted by Wyatt Ronan, the regional press secretary of Hillary for Ohio, to participate in a press call with Chelsea Clinton. This being a great opportunity, we jumped at the idea.

Little did we know what scarce information this would provide.

Of course, this is politics. Before callers could ask questions to the daughter of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Chelsea boasted how proud of her mother she is. The main points she brought up were debt-free college, criminal justice reform and climate change.

Yet, their biggest push right now is in voter registration. Hillary is promoting a robust campaign on college campuses in swing-states.

When talking about debt-free college, Chelsea informed the students on the press call that her mother would enable people who engage in public services, like teachers and firefighters, a three-year grace period before paying back loans, and Hillary is working toward making community colleges completely tuition-free.

“Anyone should be able to go to community college tuition free… anyone should be able to go to public university or college…and graduate debt free,” said Chelsea Clinton.

When students from various colleges started asking questions, Chelsea would relate their names to a family member, or talk about how she had visited their home states, an unnecessary waste of time.

Only five soft-ball questions were answered by the daughter, such as how to get students motivated to vote, policy differences between Obama and her mother (which she only touched on one issue) and how climate change is, spoiler alert, real.

Chelsea even included that every home will be powered by renewable energy by the time her mom hits her second term. I commend her for wishful thinking, but let’s get past this first election.

Though the call ended before I could ask how Hillary planned to pay for debt-free college, Hillary did articulate this plan at a North Carolina rally on September 27.

“We’re going to go where the money is and the money’s at the top”,” said Clinton.

The estimated cost for this initiative is $500 billion over ten years, according to the “New College Compact Breifing” on Clin- ton’s homepage. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found this is possible through closing loopholes for high-income earners and businesses.

Let’s hope so, Secretary Clinton.

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