WCSA Today: Senate passes a bill to appoint archivist

By Gopika Nair, Editor-in-Chief

The Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs (WCSA) passed a bill to appoint an archivist at its full senate meeting on Feb. 13.

Though the archivist would be a part of WCSA, the position is a separate entity from the student government, said WCSA President Chris Dobeck, Ohio Wesleyan junior.

“Any self-respecting institution has a way to keep track of its history,” Dobeck said at the full senate meeting on Feb. 6, when he introduced the possibility of assigning an archivist.

“Unfortunately, one of the big problems we’ve discovered in this administration and administrations prior is that we can only remember what happened in WCSA as far back as we have a connection to somebody who is in WCSA,” Dobeck said.

Dobeck drafted the bill to appoint someone who would “drudge through OWU’s history” to research what WCSA has done in the past, he said.

The archivist won’t have voting powers, but can attend Executive Committee meetings. An archivist will be chosen from a pool of applicants in the near future.

Additionally, revisions were made to the Budget Committee’s budgetary guidelines to fund new uniforms for the men’s rugby team.

The rugby team requested $1,342.50 for uniforms.

Treasurer Kristen Nooney, junior, said the guidelines had to be amended because the wording stated that clubs and sports can only receive funding for new uniforms every four years.

But club sports that are defined as contact sports, like rugby, can receive uniforms after six active seasons, Nooney said.

Since the rugby team played six seasons in three years, 95 percent of the team’s requested amount was funded.

The next full senate meeting will be Monday, Feb. 20 in the Crider Lounge in Ham-Will.


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