WCSA TODAY: Bill Nye budget denied due to cost

By Gopika Nair, Editor-in-Chief

The Environment and Wildlife Club (E&W) requested $75,000 to bring Bill Nye to Ohio Wesleyan for Green Week.

The Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs’ (WCSA) Budget Committee denied the request. E&W wanted to bring either Nye or local lawmaker Andrea Torrice.

“The Budget Committee decided [Torrice] was a better fit for Green Week,” said treasurer Kristen Nooney at WCSA’s meeting on March 20.

Overall, E&W requested $81,753 and the Budget Committee funded the club $3,816 for Green Week, which will be held from April 17 to 22 to promote sustainability and other environmental issues.

The club also requested $670 to attend the Midwest Student Coalition for Climate Action Conference.

The conference is being hosted by Denison University and provides a platform for the Ohio5 schools to discuss different sustainability issues, Nooney said. The Budget Committee funded the club $637 for the conference.

Additionally, members of the senate discussed a bill to amend the constitution’s language on the election of a treasurer as well as a bill to amend the constitution’s language on the quali cations to be considered for the treasurer position.

WCSA’s Academic Affairs Committee will also host an academic forum March 30 prior to course registration.

The next WCSA meeting will be held March 27 in the Crider Lounge in Ham-Will.