Immigration ban raises travel concern

By Alameina White, Transcript Correspondent

In trying to keep immigrants out of the United States, President Donald Trump has given some of Ohio Wesleyan University’s international students more reason to stay.

Selam Weldu, a freshman from Ethiopia, said she is not going home this summer and may not go home until she graduates.

Weldu said going home would be unpredictable.

“The way things are, everything is just crazy and uncertain,” Weldu said.

Weldu said that many of her friends have had their visas rejected. Some had completed the process and were approved for a visa, but later rejected for unexplained reasons.

Weldu said that she doesn’t want to risk not being able to come back for school and her family supports her decision. Weldu made arrangements to stay with relatives in the meantime.

However, Iman Ashraf, a freshman from Pakistan, said she will not let these occurrences keep her from going home.

“If I’m going to get rejected for my religion or my nationality, I’m done with here,” Ashraf said. “I’m not going to be part of a place that despises me.”

Ashraf said she’ll take her chances going home but does not believe the president will keep her from coming back. Ashraf said if he does, she believes the school will help the students as best they can.

“They don’t discourage us,” Ashraf said. “A lot of Pakistanis are still applying for their visas and being accepted.”

Ashraf said that the university has supported the international students on campus on similar occasions before.

When the FBI emailed Pakistani students, asking to meet with them to discuss possible ties with certain groups, Ohio Wesleyan rejected the meeting and spoke out for the students said Ashraf.

President Rock Jones said the school empathizes with the students and their concerns.

“I am very concerned for our international students and their experience,” Rock Jones said. “I understand their concerns. It is an uncertain time with issues regarding immigration.”

Rock Jones said that Dean of Students Dwayne Todd will soon be announcing a way for international students to stay on campus over the summer.

Rock Jones said that international students can feel free to express their concerns to the university.  The university gives absolute support and encouragement to all international students.  There are many people on campus who are knowledgeable in these issues and want to hear from students about how they can help.


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