Jenner shocks public with baby announcement

By Maddie Matos, A&E Editor

Part of the world was shocked, while others felt they knew it all along.

Kylie Jenner had her baby.

The announcement came on Saturday afternoon, with a tweet of a video, and following up with a second tweet with an image explaining why Jenner hid the pregnancy.

The video documented Jenner’s pregnancy journey, with footage of doctor appointments and the baby shower. The video also had clips of different friends and family members telling the baby many positive encouragements about themselves and their mother.

The video also announced that the baby is a girl, with rapper Travis Scott being the father. The name was not revealed, only the birthdate and gender.

The second tweet from Jenner explained the reasoning for keeping her pregnancy private.

“I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way I knew how,” Jenner said.

The decision to hide the pregnancy from the world was met with an outcry of support from many people. Millions of people tweeted the news and offered their congratulations and respect for the new mother.

There were people who did not respect the decision, leaving negative comments about the pregnancy, saying it is a poor decision for someone so young to have a child, or that she should have shared this with the world.

I find that Jenner did what any young mother would want. She kept her pregnancy to herself and allowed everyone in her life to enjoy the experience with her. Pregnancy is a personal and powerful experience, one that is also individualized for people as well. Every pregnant woman has the right to handle it how she wants, and Jenner is entitled to that treatment.

By keeping herself out of the spotlight, she gained the respect of mothers everywhere, who want to shield their children from the world for as long as possible, and to enjoy this time in their lives. This baby has every right to lead a private life with its parents until they decide what is best for the child. No one should impose on that or even question that right.

The birth of this child has brought to life the privacy and humanity that celebrities have, and it is something I respect and admire Jenner for.



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