OWU Hires New Associate Dean for Student Success

By Maddie Matos, Arts and Entertainment Editor


With yet another new hiring on campus this fall, Ohio Wesleyan University aimed to continue the pattern of student success.

Doug Koyle will be taking over the role of associate dean for student success and will work with students to ensure that the university is helping them.

In this role, I work closely with residential life, counseling, student conduct and the Student Health Center to support students as they work toward their academic and personal goals,” Koyle said.

Koyle has worked with students in the past, at Ohio State University (OSU) for over 30 years. Koyle held the role of assistant vice president for student life and that role helped him prepared for his new job at Ohio Wesleyan.

“In his final set of responsibilities, [Koyle] provided oversight for most of the same areas he is now overseeing at Ohio Wesleyan, so his experience was almost a perfect fit,” said Dwayne Todd, vice president for student engagement and success.

Koyle and his office plan to work on improving student life at Ohio Wesleyan and listen to the critiques made by students about the campus and college life. Koyle said he hopes that his work will help students throughout their academic careers.

I will be working with students to make sure that they have the support and care that they need and that we help them connect with the great resources that are available to them,” Koyle said.

The university hopes that through his hire, Koyle will improve issues on campus that have been persisting through years.

“The university has made a significant commitment to provide enhanced support of student success, and Doug reflects that commitment and is instrumental in our ability to achieve this objective,” university president Rock Jones said. “Ultimately the university will benefit from higher retention and graduation rates and from higher levels of student satisfaction and success.”

Koyle has a well-respected reputation among his colleagues. As part of the American College Personnel Association, the Association for Student Conduct Administration and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, Koyle succeeded in his roles on college campuses, and left a lasting impression on students and staff.

Doug’s reputation among his OSU colleagues was extremely strong with many people testifying to his competency, kindness, and commitment to his work,” Todd said.

OWU Hires New Quantitative Tutor

By Maddie Matos, Arts and Entertainment Editor


Student resources at Ohio Wesleyan recently expanded with the addition of a new quantitative skills tutor.

Katie Boyd was hired by the university as the new coordinator for the Quantitative Skills Center. Students go to the center for assistance in the subjects of math and science.

The center is located inside the center, which serves as a place for students to receive help for their classes, across multiple subjects.

Boyds experiences with college student from her previous jobs. Boyd worked at Ohio State University as a teacher’s assistant and currently works at Columbus State Community College as a math professor.

“I truly love working with college students and being a part of their educational experience as they formulate their dreams and complete their corresponding, supporting goals,” Boyd said.

Working with technology will be part of Boyd’s role on campus with the new addition of TutorMe.

“Katie also has extensive computer and technology training and proficiency in My Math Lab, Math Excel, ALEKS, LaunchPad, and Blackboard,” said James Stull, assistant dean of academic advising and director of the sagan academic resource center.

Boyd will also help with the hiring of new tutors for the university’s Math Peer Tutors program. The program hires students in math or science majors to tutor students in lower level courses in those fields.

Boyd will act as a public relations representative for the center, encouraging students to get help for their courses as well as the new online tutor assistant program.

Throughout her career, Boyd has received numerous accolades, including being nominated for distinguished teacher of the year. Boyd was nominated five times for the award during her time at Hilliard Darby High School, located in Hilliard, Ohio.

Interacting with students is a key component to the center and is a key reason for Boyd’s hiring.

Katie has a great demeanor and will connect with students, Katie is also versed in current methods of instruction, so she will work effectively with students who have a wide range of skills and individual learning styles or preferences,” Stull said.

With the hire of Boyd, the university continues its commitment to student success on campus.

Ultimately the university will benefit from higher retention and graduation rates and from higher levels of student satisfaction and success,” university President Rock Jones said.