Lady Bishops lose to DePauw, remain optimist

The lady Bishops lost their basketball game 74-37, to sixth ranked DePauw on Saturday. OWU turned over the ball 24 times to the DePauw Tigers, losing 26 points.
Stacey Reed, the women’s basketball coach said she thought that DePauw jammed the Bishops into the perimeter during the first half.
At the end of the first period DePauw led the bishops 39-10.
“In the second half we only lost by (around) 10 points,” Reed said.
Freshman Laniece McRae said winning the mental game was the hardest part for her, which is probably why the Bishops did not do as well in the second period.
“I was scared to mess up,” she said.
She said the Bishops did better in the second half because they simply had nothing to lose.
Reed said she attributes the loss to the youngness of OWU’s players, DePauw exploiting OWU weaknesses, and the game going to her team’s head because of DePauw’s winning reputation.
Reed said the Bishops are continually improving.
The ladies scored 11 bench points out of 37 total Bishop points.
This was DePauw’s 16th straight win out of 17 games and OWU’s 12th loss out of 19 games.
Woman’s and men’s basketball is playing the Oberlin Yeomen, on Feb. 4 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., respectively.