Early birds miss the worm: Lack of weekend breakfast leaves busy students hungry

The first week back on campus was formal recruitment for all sororities, as most people probably already know. It was a crazy, but exciting week full of sisterhood and new friends, but by the time Sunday morning rolled around, I was thoroughly exhausted.
Trying to follow one of my 2012 resolutions to be healthier, I resolved to wake up early on Sunday and get in a solid breakfast before going over to the Delta Gamma house for a full day of formal recruitment.
It was not until after I had gotten up and ready for the day that I realized there is not a single place to eat on campus before 11 a.m. when Smith opens.
Needing to be at the house by 10, this of course was not an option. Instead, my two friends and I decided iced coffee and bagels at Tim Hortons’ was our best bet at a good breakfast for the day, so they picked me up and we drove over only to find what seemed like every affiliated woman on campus waiting in a line that stretched all around the store and nearly out the door. Hungry and out of options, we ended up waiting in line for almost 50 minutes and getting to the DG house late.
This got me thinking: why are there so few food options on campus for students on the weekends? Aside from Smith Hall and Thomson Store which opens at noon, there is nowhere else on campus to grab breakfast or lunch.
Personally, my weekend schedule is strange. It’s full of homework, extraneous club meetings, and oddly timed sorority events. Trying to coordinate my schedule around the limited dining hall times so I can eat has gotten fairly difficult lately.
I usually end up having to take an inconvenient break to run over to Smith and catch the very end of a meal. Other than Bishop Café opening Sundays at 5 p.m. and Welch pizza delivery at 5:30 p.m., Smith is also the only option for dinner.
Don’t get me wrong — I love Smith, but twice a day is too much for this girl.
During the week I feel like we, as students, have a great variety of times and dining hall options available to us–Ham-, University cart, science center cart, Bishop Café, the bakery-which may have spoiled me in the first place and be the reason why I’m so disappointed on the weekends.
It would be nice if we could have just one location open 24/7 or if the administration could convert Welch into a breakfast buffet on weekend mornings before 11 a.m.
When I wake up for church on Sunday mornings, I cannot get breakfast before, nor directly after mass; I have to wait around until 11.
If this is my biggest problem with Ohio Wesleyan, life’s pretty good; but as a food lover, I’d appreciate a few more options on the weekends.