FIJI sparks excitment in Greek life

The arrival of Fiji fraternity to Ohio Wesleyan has breathed new life and excitement into OWU while bringing members of the Greek community together in fun and creative ways.
Being a member of Delta Delta Delta has been a core part of my Ohio Wesleyan experience. I joined my freshman year and haven’t looked back since.
Throughout my time at OWU, the Greek community has always been a supportive structure for the different organizations to count on for support.
Fiji has not been on OWU’s campus for the last 4 years; however many rumors have circulated throughout my time at OWU about the fraternity starting back up again.
When members of the Greek community heard about Fiji coming back to OWU, we were all excited and interested to see how it would all play out.
The idea of a new fraternity filled with all men who most likely had never considered being a member of a fraternity before made all members of Greek life think about how this new organization could help to strengthen the Greek community in general.
It was hard to believe when we were told they were actually coming back on campus, until Brett Pytel and Josh Moore, two members of Fiji’s Executive Office who are heading the expansion project at OWU, walked into our chapter house asking for our help. They gave us a blueprint of their plan for bringing Fiji back to OWU.
Fiji has started a friendly competition between sororities and whichever sorority helps them the most during their recruitment time is awarded $200 dollars towards their sorority’s philanthropy.
This “competition” between the sororities has caused all students involved in the Greek system to really become involved in the process, while ensuring that our input and voices are heard.
Fiji has reenergized Greek life at OWU and has reminded us all the importance of strengthening the Greek Community in general, not just our separate organizations.
The arrival of Fiji has brought an exciting new aspect to the community and given all members of the Greek life a chance to reflect on what being in a sorority or fraternity is truly all about.

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