Lacross men crush Concordia

“You guys can’t even make a play!”
That’s what head coach of the Falcons, Jeff Roberts, said to his players after Ohio Wesleyan’s men’s lacrosse team led them in the first quarter 6-0.
OWU showed athletic and strategic superiority over Concordia University on Saturday, Feb. 5, beating them 17-5.
The first quarter was partly propelled by Junior Drew Scharf, who had two assists and one score.
The Bishops won 6 out of 7 faceoffs and had possession of the ball the overwhelming majority of the time.
The Bishops, fast and well organized, easily maneuvered the ball around the Falcon’s defense and goalie, play after play.
OWU head coach Mike Plantholt said they came out pretty strong in the first quarter but doesn’t know what happened in the second, where OWU only scored 2 goals and Concordia scored its first.
“We were started by six freshman and Concordia is not an easy team to play.” It was a big learning experience for (the team). We are just better. Concordia is a good team though.”
Senior Attacker A.J. Pellis, who scored two goals and had an assist against Concordia, said the Falcons are a good team but are in a new program. “We also moved the ball right offensively,” he said.
This is the Falcon’s second season. They went 8-6 their first, according to their athletic website.
Senior Defenseman Nathan Barnett said OWU had some good saves (6 in all).
Plantholt said that it is hard to tell what the game will say about the season.
“They played great, but it’s really too soon to know what just one game means.”
Sophomore Spencer Schnell and junior Pat Bassett each scored 3 goals. Drew Scharf, Colin Short, Tommy Minkler, David Walter, and A.J. Pellis each scored 2.
The team will play their next game against Washington & Jefferson College on Feb 3 at 1 p.m. in Selby Stadium.

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