Orchesis 2012: dancing to communicate

The 23 dancers who compose the Orchesis 2012 cast began rehearsing in October.
We began rehearsing for mere minutes of dance performed only two times.
March 2 and 3 at 8 p.m., 23 artists want to share something with you.
I began dancing only upon my arrival at OWU, but have since become a dance theatre major.
I have fallen completely, totally, utterly in love with the art form.
I don’t think when I dance.
I feel.
Feel more deeply than I can express though the written word.
My 22 fellow Orchesis company members, I’m sure, can attest to this feeling.
We all dance for a reason. It drives us, enables us to thrive.
Orchesis 2012 hasn’t been perfect.
There have been tears, meltdowns, dislocated knees and hours upon hours of sweaty rehearsal in the studio.
We’ve learned about each other and learned a great deal.
But, more importantly, we’ve learned from each other.
Each dancer who has gone through this process has grown.
I’ve watched it happen.
It’s been an extraordinary process, and it has created an extraordinary result.
The show is strong, skillfully performed and powerfully executed.
It contains a great deal of thought.
The movement that will be expressed in Orchesis 2012 is not merely the result of a 5-6-7-8, watch how high I can kick my leg process.
Every movement has been thought out by the choreographer.
Each lighting cue has been scrutinized by the lighting designer.
Each transition and thematic decision has been mulled over by the artistic director.
We’ve asked ourselves, deeply, what the movement means to us and how we can share that movement with you.
The show is multi-faceted.
We explore some tough themes with grace.
We imitate sleepy partygoers, reach for bouncy balls, examine our relationships, explore the aftermath of a tragic situation, taste oranges, go into orbit, lift each other in the air and discover what it is that makes us human.
It’s quite a show.
Come watch it.

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