Upperclassman yearns for time to simply … be

Do you remember freshman year when you were able to get your homework done, sleep well, go out on Wednesday nights, Friday nights and Saturdays, too?
Somehow, you also had time to just hang out. If you are a freshman, enjoy it while it lasts.
Savor the experience and the time you have.
As I approach the last quarter of my junior year, I am beginning to reminisce on those days almost bitterly, wishing that I had more time to just hang out.
After two years in college, you begin to feel burnt out and overwhelmed by the amount of things to do.
Naps are a thing of the past; Wednesday nights are dead to me (I no longer have the strength to wake up early after partying); and “planning for the future”— the dreadful and exciting college graduation — has become a looming stress factor.
Each day I hear friends of mine complain about the amount of work they have, the little sleep they’re getting, their boredom, and I wonder: Are we missing a valuable part of the college experience?
I’ve heard college stories from older generations, where people just had time to hang out and enjoy each other’s company.
Many of the students here seem to me overworked and exhausted. Professors expect a lot from us, handing out readings and assignments as if we have no other classes.
Personally, I have about 150 pages of reading a week, papers and other assignments.
I would also argue OWU students tend to be over-involved in the many campus activities they take on, leading to less sleep, less relaxation and less time for hobbies or creativity.
So my question is, where is our time to just hang out? I would love to have time to do things I really enjoy—having long conversations, taking walks, reading for fun, doing some art or just enjoying people’s company.
I want time for meaningful experiences, and I want time to slow down life a little — at least before I get out into the real world.

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