Tragic accident serves as time of remembrance

The tragic car accident that occurred at Bowling Green State University involving members of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority should serve as a reminder to us all in the Greek community about the importance of valuing our fellow members.
Five members of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority were struck by a driver going the wrong way on Interstate 75 South on Friday, March 2.
The sisters were on their way to the airport to embark on a spring break trip in the Dominican Republic with 16 other members of their sorority.
Three were killed and the remaining two were seriously injured.
While discussing this heartbreaking event with my fellow Delta Delta Delta sisters, it allowed us all to reflect on the close friendships we had with one another and the tight bonds created between us all through sisterhood.
The idea of an event like this happening to the Greek community at Ohio Wesleyan is completely unimaginable.
When events like this occur, it is so crucial that we use them to help us remember and appreciate the reasons we chose to be a part of the Greek Community and our respective fraternities and sororities at OWU.
We should reflect on the impact that our sisters and brothers have had on our lives.
Being a member of the Greek community grants us the opportunity to be a part of something that is so much larger than ourselves.
Being able to use this tragedy as a tool to help us reminisce on what being a brother or sister means should be the real take-away for all Greeks here at OWU.

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