Water polo club being restarted, new captains to bring sport to the Midwest

Two students are reviving the OWU water polo club and said they hope to spark an interest in the sport on campus.
Freshmen Marcus Ramirez and Matthew Mahoney, both members of the swim team, are in the process of reviving the water polo club as a way to continue a sport they both played in high school and stay active in the off season.
“It’s a way to cross train and provides a constructive way to stay in shape,” Mahoney said.
“It provides students an opportunity who played before college another chance to play.”
Ramirez, who is from the West, and Mahoney, who is from the East, bring different perspectives on the sport because they have learned different styles of the sport.
Ramirez, who played in high school in California, said it also gives other students at the school an opportunity to participate in a new and different sport that they may have never played before.
“It is very popular on the East and West Coasts, but there isn’t enough interest in the Midwest,” Ramirez said.
However, the sport is popular enough for there to be other college club teams in the central Ohio area to play.
The club does face some issues with attendance.
There are currently only 10 members in the club, which is under the amount that Ramirez and Mahoney would like.
Ramirez said that a regulation team needs seven players in the water, but more are needed for substitutions and practice scrimmages.
“We want more (members) to join to have substitutes and different skill and experience groups for practice,” Ramirez said.
Member participation and time was an issue with the club before it momentarily dissolved.
Senior Anne McComas, the president the last time the club was around, attributed lack of member participation at practice times and starting the club right up after swim season to be difficult for the club’s reputation.
However, McComas is positive about Ramirez and Mahoney’s attempt to revive the club.
“There are a few people who are very excited about starting the club which gives it a much better chance of being successful,” McComas said. “I left the club due to swimming related injuries.”
“There weren’t enough people to keep the club going,” she said. Hopefully there will be enough people that show up to practices to make the club a continuing success.”

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