Goalie saves game

With a mix of good offense and even greater defense the Bishops doubled St. John Fisher’s score, 10-5 on March 7 at Selby Stadium.
“Our goalie played a phenomenal game,” said sophomore midfielder Spencer Schnell.

hio Wesleyan senior Jesse Lawrence faces off with St. John Fisher Cardinal Ryan Freije at Selby Stadium. OWU beat St. John Fisher 10-5 on March 7.

Ohio Wesleyan’s goalie, Ryan McMahon, denied the St. John Fisher’s Cardinal’s repeated scoring attempts with a season high of 21 saves.
The Cardinals repeatedly navigated past OWU’s defenders and shot, but McMahon, OWU’s goalie and last line of defense, consistently prevented the Cardinals from scoring.
OWU’s defensemen put so much pressure on Cardinals’ senior Mike Byrnes in the third period that he tripped over himself twice (without any outside contact) while cradling the ball.
In the first period, freshman Tommy Minkler and Schnell started the scoring with two goals in first 30 seconds.
“We really focus on coming out hot and making a statement,” Schnell said. “In practice we start right off the bat with upbeat drills and competition. I think that helps a lot with getting on the board early.”
At halftime, the Bishops led the Cardinals 10-1, with the Cardinals scoring elusive goals in the later half.
In one goal in the fourth period, a Cardinal attacker went stick to stick with McMahon, eventually faking him towards the bottom left of the goal, then he quickly tipped the ball in over McMahon’s head.
“This game showed that we are good team this year and have the ability to beat good opponents,” Schnell said. “Hopefully this and other quality wins this season will lead to some more national recognition.”

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