SHO pushes for more participation in Denison Day

As with any good sports rivalry, fans are a big part of the action. Spirit and Homecoming Organization is chartering buses to Denison, giving away t-shirts and serving breakfast for fans to support the men’s lacrosse teams as it takes on the Denison Big Red.
Any OWU student can register for Denison Day. Sophomore Sarah Hartzheim, a SHO member working on Denison Day, said that even though the game is away, SHO wants OWU students to attend.
“We’re trying to keep up the tradition of making the lacrosse game between Denison and OWU a really fun event,” she said. “It’s an away game this year, but we have the resources to allow a lot of OWU students to attend.”
The cost of attending this event is $10.
“SHO has been very successful with its fundraising efforts throughout the past year,” said junior Clare Whitaker, the president of SHO, “and thanks to WCSA and the administration, we have the budget to cover the cost of this event beyond the $10.00 cover fee.”
Junior Colin Short, a member of the men’s lacrosse team, said he is pleased to know the team will have so many fans cheering them on at the game.
“Especially at Denison because it is such an intense rivalry,” he said. “I feel like the school knows how important this game is, and it’s good to know that they support us.”
As the lacrosse season progresses, especially during conference play, the team’s record will show how successful OWU is. The team is currently very optimistic, and Denison is one of the most important games of the season.
“The winner of (the Denison) game this year will undoubtedly take home the conference title,” said junior Pat Basset, one of the captains of the team.
SHO is working to make the event well-known on campus.
“SHO is providing sign ups both in HamWil and online, so that the event is easily accessible,” Hartzheim said. “This is one of the biggest spirit events at the school and we hope everyone will attend.”
SHO has only provided transportation to a sporting event for men’s lacrosse recently; however, many other varsity teams are supportive of this event, too.
Sophomore Jon Stegner, a member of the men’s soccer team, said he is “glad to see school spirit and students supporting the athletic department.”
In 2010, SHO was able to send more than 80 students to the game, which was over Easter weekend. They are hoping more students will attend this year since the game is not during the holiday weekend.
“I would love for as many students as possible to attend Denison Day,” Whitaker said. “This is a tremendous opportunity for the student body to enjoy the historic rivalry.”
“With a breakfast, a t-shirt, and transportation to one of the biggest sports rivalries of all time….who would say no? Grab your roommates, friends, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers and any one you find to come join us on the adventure. We hope to see you there.”
Denison Day is March 31 with buses leaving at 10 a.m. from HamWil. They are expected to return by 3 p.m.

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