Student assaulted on Sandusky Street

An Ohio Wesleyan student was hospitalized after he was assaulted and robbed early Sunday morning.
The assault occurred around 2:20 a.m. Sunday behind JP Skate Shop at 36 Spring St., just west of South Sandusky Street, according to the police report released by the Delaware Police Department. The incident was reported to DPD at 6:14 p.m. Sunday, almost 14 hours after the crime occurred.
Three males attacked the student and took his money, according to the report. No evidence was collected concerning the assault and no weapons were used in the assault. No arrests have been made and the suspects are still at large.
The university sent out an email alert at 8:25 p.m. Sunday to inform students of the incident. The alert went on to tell students that three black males, one with dreadlocks, approached the student, assaulted, and then robbed him.
The student was then transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released.
A woman who works for DPD and wished to not be identified said Public Safety was first to respond to the incident and they immediately notified the police. The case is currently under investigation.
According to Director of Public Safety Robert Wood, PS was not notified of the incident for about 14 hours after it occurred. A parent called to report the incident and that was when PS notified law enforcement.
“We were not aware of the incident until Sunday afternoon,” Wood said. “Once we found out, Delaware Police were immediately notified.”
“The incident occurred on the south side of Spring Street near the skate shop. This is not OWU property so we will be unable to conduct an investigation; it falls under DPD jurisdiction. However, we will provide patrols and we will make sure that students are aware of what occurred and that they are safe.”
Wood said that the assailants did not use any weapons.
According to Wood, no other witnesses have come forward to provide further details on the incident.
The attack occurred when many of the bars close and he hopes that further details will be provided if any students witnessed the incident.
Sophomore Joseph Beshara said that he knows the victim and went to visit him at the hospital.
“We went to see him,” said Beshara. “He’s got a broken nose and some cuts and bruises.”
According to Beshara, the assailants did not take his wallet.
“He was coming back from Dan’s Deli and they just jumped him,” he said. “Maybe it was a gang thing, I don’t know. Apparently the whole thing only lasted a few seconds and then they were gone”
According to the email sent out by the university, PS will be providing extra patrols in the area of the assault.
The email urges students not to walk or jog alone at night and to always carry a cell phone.

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