Rho Gammas start study table program to aid women in sorority recruitment process

By Whitney Lonnemann

Transcript Correspondent

Pan-Hellenic Council, the umbrella organization for Ohio Wesleyan’s sororities will be offering study tables for the first time this semester to reach out to unaffiliated women before spring’s formal recruitment.

Greek recruitment guides, better known as Rho Gammas, are hosting study tables in the library every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8 p.m. These study tables are not mandatory for girls wishing to go through formal recruitment, but offer a place for unaffiliated women to get homework done and get any questions answered about Greek life.

Senior Kat Pickens, vice president of recruitment for PHC, said she hopes these study tables will expose more women to Greek life. She said she thinks the program is a good way for unaffiliated women to “get to know the recruitment guides as well as ask them questions about Greek life on a comfortable, casual, pan-Hellenic basis.”

Pickens said PHC was originally going to ask members from each sorority to volunteer at the study tables based on majors rather than Greek organizations. The program initially meant to increase the connection between affiliated and unaffiliated women on campus.

However, it was decided that it would be better Rho Gamma guides hosted the study tables. Rho Gammas consist of women from each of the five sororities who disassociate from their organization for the fall semester in order to help women go through formal recruitment.

By having the Rho Gammas host the study tables, unaffiliated women, especially freshmen, are able to get their questions answered from an unbiased source.

Junior Carly Zalenski, a Rho Gamma, said she hosted a study table where women came full of questions about formal recruitment.

“I think we got them excited and less nervous about recruitment,” she said.

Pickens said the study tables are a way to show the importance Greek life places on academics in addition to offering a way to connect with non-Greeks.

Junior Emma Goetz, also a Rho Gamma, has not been able to go to the study tables but thinks they are a good way to improve accessibility with unaffiliated women.

“I chose to become a Rho Gamma because mine were so wonderful and helpful and I wanted to do the same for someone else,” she said.

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