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Photo by Spenser Hickey
Photo by Spenser Hickey

Women’s Week Preview
By Sara Jane Sheehan
Transcript Reporter

Women’s Week, an annual series of programs started in the 1980s, has begun again this year and will soon make history.

Friday night’s program will be a performance of “Butterfly Confessions” – the first time it has been read without the direct involvement of its author Yetta Young.

“Butterfly Confessions” is a series of monologues on the experiences of women of color and raising awareness about violence against women and the effects of HIV/AIDS.

It is being performed in conjunction with “The Vagina Monologues,” a similar set of readings that has been held on campus for several years.

The Women’s House (WoHo), House of Peace and Justice, House of Black Culture and Citizens of the World House have all collaborated in planning the week.

For WoHo, led by junior moderator Meredith Harrison, the main focus has been on Thursday’s Take Back the Night.

At Take Back the Night, an annual event, students share experiences with sexual violence and march afterward.

“The event has become so well attended that we have been breaking fire code in Bishop Cafe, where the event has been held for a long time,” Harrison said.

“Moving Take Back the Night to Benes (Room) B allows greater attendance at the event.”

Harrison also said that Women’s Week is collaborating with Green Week by giving points to Green Week teams who attend events.

Junior Lauren Rump, a WoHo resident, said she is excited for all of the events that are offered this week.

“I hope the week brings continued awareness to a variety of women’s issues that women are dealing with at our campus, nationally and globally,” Rump said.

“I hope the week can also serve as a way for people to come together to celebrate, heal, empower and act.”

Harrison said she hopes this week will bring OWU’s attention to women’s issues that people do not necessarily think about.

“Women of color, global women, women in poverty, queer women and many other women are often left out of the conversation when it comes to women’s issues,” Harrison said.

“I hope people attend all the events, but especially the events that discuss some of the intersecting identities.”


Green Week Preview
By Megan Dill
Transcript Reporter

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