Honda reps’ campus visit met with low turnout

Photo: Wikimedia
Photo: Wikimedia

Representatives from Honda North America came to speak to Ohio Wesleyan University students interested in internships at one of the company’s nearby plants.

Lindsay Rippingale and Sarah Pumphry, the two recruiters from Honda North America, spoke about the roles of each Ohio plant, the ‘culture of Honda,’ as well as the responsibilities of a Honda intern.

“Students who intern for Honda will be working roughly 20 hours per week,” Rippingale said to the three students who wanted to learn about the company.

Rippingale said interns will make a minimum of $14 per hour.

“In the fall and spring, we have about 58 interns working at our different plants, however, in the summer, we typically have over 100 interns,” Pumphry said.

“Many of the interns come from the Ohio State University, however, we also get a lot from the University of Toledo, as well as Rochester Institute of Technology,” she added.

When asked about ‘Honda culture’, Rippingale explained, “Everyone wears white uniforms, so as to represent equality – everyone in the company, from the president, to entry level associates wears an all-white uniform,” Rippingale said.

“So you could be walking down the hallway and might not be able to tell apart one of my colleagues from, say, the president of the company,” she added.

Attendance at the information session dwindled, with only a handful of students present. Professor of economics, Alice Simon, said the lack of attendance will not affect the relationship the university has with the Honda company.

“There are many reasons students may not choose to attend a particular event.”

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