Cold can’t stop construction

Construction on Merrick Hall continues.
Construction on Merrick Hall continues. Photo courtesy: the OWU website.
construction 4
Construction on Merrick Hall continues. Photo courtesy: the OWU website.

Ohio Wesleyan University president Rock Jones says both Merrick Hall and Simpson Querrey are on track to be completed by next fall.

Jones also added that the patio outside Merrick Hall will be finished in time for this May’s Commencement ceremony.

“The construction crews were able to complete the exterior construction while it was still warm out, so they can work on the inside during the colder month,” Jones said.

Brett Starkey, the supervisor for the Merrick construction site, said, “The guys working on the inside can work no matter how cold it is.”

Rob Bartram, assistant to Starkey, added that once the temperature drops below zero, the excavators and other people working outside are forced to take the day off, as the equipment will not work at those temperatures.

Bartram said it’s hard to take the weather into account when you are planning out what is going to be done each day, as the weather in Ohio changes so much.

Starkey said there are always going to be unforeseen delays when you’re working on a 150-year-old building.

In an earlier article published by The Transcript in November 2014, Provost Chuck Stinemetz said there are backup locations in case the construction is not completed on time.



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