Travel and learn in Mexico

By: Peter Hamblett, Transcript correspondent


The Mexican flag. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
The Mexican flag. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

A new travel-learning course to Mexico will be offered next spring to all beginning Spanish students enrolled in Spanish 111.

Travel-learning programs are generally offered in the upper level courses. The travel learning component of Spanish 111 offers younger students the opportunity to travel and hopes to spark interest in Spanish language study.

“The new travel learning program (to Mexico) has been developed to help heighten the retention rate for Spanish students, as well as develop an interest in Spanish for returning and incoming students,” said Juan Armando Rojas, department chair of Modern Foreign Languages.

The capabilities statement from the travel learning program brochure says there will be multiple days of intense walking as well as some relaxing days. One day will include climbing temples at Aztec and Mayan archeological zones.

“These programs offer a lot to Ohio Wesleyan,” said Spanish professor Charles Vedder.

The University covers a substantial portion of the total costs of travel, lodging, meals and on-site transportation. The student is responsible for the remaining portion ($1,600 in this case), along with any additional charges.

“I look forward to trying a new travel-learning course each year,” said freshman Amy Peters, a student who traveled to Ecuador over spring break.

The travel learning program offers multiple trips each year that span 10 days. Students get the opportunity to explore and interact with different cultures, as well as apply what they have learned in the classroom.


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