Presidential election update

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Emily Feldmesser, Transcript Correspondent 


Republican frontrunner Donald Trump decided not to participate in the upcoming debate. The debate will be hosted on Jan. 28 by Fox News and Google, just a few days before Monday’s Iowa Caucus. Trump demanded Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly to step down from moderating. When the network didn’t adhere to Trump’s request, he chose not to participate. CNN said Trump decided to boycott the debate, especially at Kelly’s helm, because “he didn’t believe he would be treated fairly.” According to The New York Times, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, after being booted off the previous debate stage, will be taking Trump’s podium.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, currently Trump’s most intense rival, offered to debate Trump “mano a mano,” according to CNN. Trump said instead of participating in the debate, he will host a fundraiser for “Veterans and Wounded Warriors,” Reuters reported.


Speaking of debates, there might be another chance for the three Democrats to come together. MSNBC and the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper proposed the seventh Democratic debate just a few days before New Hampshire’s Feb. 9 primary. However, the Democratic National Committee has no plans to sanction the debate, according to Reuters.

That means if any of the candidates participate, it could impact any future participation in the debates. So far, former Governor Martin O’Malley has been the first one to accept the invitation. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would participate in the debate if it’s sanctioned and other candidates participate while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said he wouldn’t participate in an unsanctioned debate, reported The New York Times.