WCSA Today: Senate passes amendment to close meetings

By Gopika Nair, Copy Editor
Election season is forthcoming both in the U.S. and Ohio Wesleyan’s student government.
The Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs (WCSA) is currently accepting applications for executive positions, including president, vice president and secretary, for the 2017 calendar year.
Senior Caroline Anderson, secretary, said WCSA hadn’t received many applications for the positions thus far and urged current members to spread the word about available positions at the Oct. 31 meeting.
Election for executive and senator positions will be held Nov. 11 and 18 respectively.
WCSA also recently passed an amendment to its constitution to allow closed meetings. For the first time at its Oct. 31 meeting, WCSA advisers, those unaffiliated with WCSA and The Transcript were asked to leave while the student government discussed a budget.
Following the closed session, junior Ryan Bishop of the Public Relations Committee, proposed including members from Student Inclusion Advocacy Committee (SIAC) to OWU’s Search Committee.
Two members from SIAC should be included in the search for high-ranking positions such as vice president, dean and director of administrative division, while one member should be included in the search for at least two faculty searches per year, Bishop said.
Bishop’s proposal passed.
At WCSA’s Oct. 24 meeting, senior Diana Muzina of the Student Life Committee said the committee had arranged to meet with Chartwells and OWU’s vegetarian club to discuss including more vegetarian options for students.
Muzina also said the green containers in Hamilton-Williams Campus Center are only getting a 3 percent usage and encouraged other members to spread the word about using it more.
Toward the end of the meeting, Dwayne Todd, vice president for student engagement and success and one of the WCSA advisers, said the administration has been discussing residential fees for students who stay over breaks, but nothing has been finalized yet.

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