Hopsters provides festive beer options

By Shamayeta Rahman, Transcript Reporter

Holiday-themed beers are in stock at Barley Hopsters. Flavors include nutmeg, cinnamon and allspices, all of which are already in shelves.

Owner Brian Harpster displayed a collection of holiday-themed beers, some of which are made locally. The special ales, beers and porters come in Christmas-themed bottles and the avors range from peaches, citruses and other winter spices.

“This is mainly a beer store, so we’ve got a lot of themed beers and we’ll serve it up in a beer mug rimmed with nutmeg,” Harpster said.

Some of the beers on display included Great Lakes Brewing Co. Christmas Ale, Shiner Holiday Cheer, Sweet Water Festive Ale and Alpha Klaus Three Floyds Christmas Porter.

“I like craft beer and they have a lot of great variety,” said Ohio Wesleyan senior Connor Payne, “I’m drinking a citrus-flavored local brew and am enjoying the new flavors they’ve got for the holidays.”

Students of legal age flock to the little beer joint and Barley Hopsters has a great reputation in the student community, said Payne. He also added that he has heard plenty of students talk about it and knows of many more who frequent the store.



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