Coaches Corner: Kris Boey

By Aleksei Pavloff, Sports Editor

It’s now the spring season and the track and field team is ready to take the momentum from the winter into the new season.

Q: What is the attitude heading into this spring season?

A: The team’s attitude and purpose is excel- lent going into the outdoor season. We are building on a successful indoor season and as always we expect to be our best in May as the track and eld season culminates.

Q: What is the goal as a team this season?

A: Our goal is for each individual to improve and perform to the best of their capabilities and contribute to the overarching team goals. It’s a combination of individual achievements that allow the team to reach it’s full potential.

Q: What are the expectations heading into the spring season?

A: The expectations are to continue building the good work we’ve been doing all season and represent OWU in the best possible manner.

Q: Who, from Ohio Wesleyan, should people keep an eye out for?

A; In order to have the kind of team success that we are striving for, every team member will need to play an important role.

Q: Will we see another national championship performance from Robinson?

A:Cirrus has achieved a great deal in her rst season, and I believe she is far from her ceiling. My hope is that she enjoys the process and works towards her goals. If that is her mindset, then she will certainly be in a position to accomplish great things into the future.

Q: What events will Ohio Wesleyan be strong in?

A: We pride ourselves on being a complete, well-rounded team.