Sagan National Colloquium to tackle global health care issues

By Reilly Wright, Photo Editor 

From the developed world to the developing, Ohio Wesleyan’s Sagan National Colloquium is analyzing the broad issue of health care around the world.

SNC Global Health Challenges for the 21st century will explore topics such as emerging infectious diseases and the impact of government health care in developed and developing nations. The event features a lineup of 12 speakers and includes a documentary.

“Speakers were selected based on recommendation by faculty members and also a careful review of scholarly work by these speakers,” said Randolph Quaye, the associate professor and director of OWU’s black world studies program. “These speakers are well renowned in their respective fields and have furthered our understanding of global health issues in our world.”

The speaker lineup includes Christopher Fink, an associate professor of health and human kinetics at OWU. Fink was selected to speak for his connections to health, but more specifically to his knowledge in prevention and dietary health.

“So many economic, social, political and personal issues are tied to health—and good health allows much more growth in each of these areas—so it has never been more pertinent,” Fink said.

“For me, issues of health equity are also more pertinent than ever.”

The topic was chosen as a culmination of previous SNC topics addressing water, climate change, waste and data use. Quaye said this focus on global health care will bring those social determinants full circle and will address problems found in global health care due to their influence.

“It is my hope that participants would be better informed about global health challenges and their role in helping meet some of these challenges through volunteering and taking courses that addresses some of the broader issues raised by the SNC,” Quaye said.

OWU is also offering a class, UC 150, which will explore concerns in the liberal arts as well as in public life. More specifically, this year, the course will spotlight the topic of modern global health challenges.

UC 150 is set up to be a lecture and discussion-based series

that is led by scholars and activists recognized across the nation and globe for students.

“Students are expected to attend eight of 14 speakers and write a two to three page reflective essay on four of such talks,” Quaye said.

“This is of particular interest to students because of its interdisciplinary nature.”

From Nov. 7 to Dec. 14, the Ross Art Museum will be hosting the art exhibit Together with developmentally disabled artists from Creative Foundations. The exhibit examines the way relationships are shown through art. 

The series will kick off with speaker Anton Gunn, a health care and leadership expert, at 7 p.m., Sept. 12 in the Benes Rooms.

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