Tri Delta rides the buck of the bull for St. Judes

By Kienan O’Doherty, Editor-In-Chief

The block was hot for Delta Delta Delta’s (Tri Delta) latest philanthropy event.

The sisters of the OWU sorority hosted their second annual Deltas on the Block on Saturday, April 12. Among the amenities included Dan’s Deli, a mechanical bull, and an ice cream truck.

Students, faculty, and family members alike flooded Fraternity Hill to help Tri Delta support their longtime partner St. Jude. However, the best part is Tri Delta doesn’t keep a single cent of the proceeds raised, and none goes towards marketing.

“I thought it went really well, there was a great turnout and people seemed to have fun.” Tri Delta President Leah Crawford said.

The most popular activity was the mechanical bull riding. Students gathered around the inflatable structure and laughed as one by one people were thrown off the bull. Delta Tau Delta Fraternity member John Bonus said the bull riding was the best.

“My favorite part was watching our Delta Tau Delta President Francisco Mejia try to ride the bull and fell off.” Bonus said.