New York Arts Program Under New Director

By Spencer Pauley, Managing Editor

An Ohio Wesleyan managed program based in New York has new goals set in mind with its new interim director.

The New York Arts Program was led by director Linda Earle for 10 years. But on July 1 of this year, that changed. Earle moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to be a part of the faculty at the Tyler School of Art, which is a part of Temple University.

Emilie Clark is serving as interim director of the New York Arts Program after Earle’s departure. Clark had been teaching at the program for 14 years before she was appointed director. Clark is excited to improve the program after working side by side with Earle.

“I learned a lot from Linda during her time here,” Clark said. “When Linda left, it gave opportunity for me to put things in place that could enhance the program.”

Clark and the rest of the members of the New York Arts Program have set two initiatives: regain continuity with alums and build relationships with faculty members of the Great Lakes College Association (GLCA), which Ohio Wesleyan and many other North Coast Athletic Conference schools are a part of. These initiatives were set after a growing interest in improving a sense of community. Clark said that students in the program rarely got to interact with all the other students outside of their specific program within the New York Arts Program.

To change this, the program has set up more events to create more opportunities for interaction. The initiatives have influenced what these programs are about. For instance, with the goal of regaining continuity with alums, the program has created events that have alums come in and showcase themselves and what they do with their careers.

As for the goal of building relationships within the GLCA, the program has set up events where faculty members that are a part of the GLCA come and give a lecture for program members.

The associate director of the New York Arts Program, Susan Childrey, said that despite a new director, the program’s main goal remains the same.

“The [New York Arts’] goal has always been helping artists come to New York and gain cultural experience,” Childrey said.

Clark can attest with what Childrey said. She believes that the core of this program is healthy and exciting. When students join the program, they change at a real rapid pace during their time there.

“People [gain] experience from living in an urban environment like New York City,” Clark said.

Five students from OWU are attending the New York Arts Program this semester and will be the first group under the direction of Clark.


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