Women’s Ultimate team shares family bond

Female students looking for a unique, club sport experience on campus can find it in the women’s Ultimate Frisbee team. These women who make up the team call themselves“Yetis.”
The back story on the name of the team is described as follows:
“One day an OWU woman was on a spirit quest in the Himalayas. She journeyed to the highest point of the highest peak in order to project optimal yodeling when she encountered her spirit animal, the Yeti. The Yeti advised her to return to her homeland and spread the word of Ultimate Frisbee in order to extend peace and good times.”
The Yeti’s story is found on the team’s website.
Since it was founded, the group has grown significantly and competed in multiple events.
“We have around 15-20 girls that consider themselves Yetis,” sophomore Alex Kerensky said. “We go to a lot of tournaments, usually around five a semester.”
Kerensky said that while the Yetis compete in both the fall and spring semesters, the fall semester competition is not as demanding as the spring.
“The fall semester tournaments are more laid back,” Kerensky said. “They are not sanctioned with USA Utimate, but they are still competitive. Their purpose is to help the new players really understand the game and give everyone an opportunity to play some awesome Ultimate.
“In the spring, the tournaments are sanctioned and our scores are factored into a ranking system that will determine placement in sectionals in April.”
Last year, the Yetis won sectionals and continued on to the regional tournament. They performed well despite the absence of many upperclassmen who attended graduation that weekend.
“(I)t was really awesome,” Kerensky said.“We went to Regionals … Still, with a mainly underclassman team, we competed and gave the other teams a run for their money.”
Junior Amanda Fawcett said the team has developed chemistry that helps them to perform collectively and successfully.
“There is something about the chemistry of our team that is indescribable,” Fawcett said. “There is so much love and respect on and off the field, and we have an awesome time playing together.
“Although we have gotten more serious about our game over the past couple of years, we maintain the outlook that as long as we play our hearts out, we are satisfied no matter what the outcome of the game is.”
Kerensky said the team schedules practices to work with each teammate’s obligations and commitment level.
“Practice times are currently changing to meet people’s busy, busy schedules and the commitment is totally up to you, but there is a more expected commitment in the spring semester,” Kerensky said.
“Honestly, the sport is so awesome…you grow to love it and commitment comes naturally,” she said.
The team is always looking for new members and Kerensky said the team provides a unique balance between competing and liking the sport.
“We are really open and always inviting new members to come play with us,” Kerensky said. “We have a great balance between having fun and being competitive. Lots of girls find it very refreshing compared to their ultra competitive and aggressive team sports in high school or even college.”
Fawcett agreed with Kerensky and said it is the attitude of the team that balances having fun with being competitive.
“I’m actually currently studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany, and although I’m having the time of my life, playing Ultimate with the Yetis is what I miss the most,” Fawcett said. “That’s part of what makes being a Yeti so enjoyable. There is so much room to have fun, and we always manage to do so.”

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