Voting made easy on and off campus

By Michael Barr, Transcript Correspondent

Only once in one class’s college career does the occasion arise in which Ohio Wesleyan students can cast their vote and unsurprisingly, opinions become evident.

OWU holds consistent with the tradition of small liberal arts college cam- puses being predominately politically liberal, according to the recent campus-wide Mock Voting Results in which Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump 122-45. While only a small scale of students were represented in the Mock Vote, the results provide a thought-provoking perspective of campus life.

Losing by nearly three times as many votes, the question then becomes whether or not the campus is predominately liberal, underrepresented conservatively or that the campus has created a space in which conservative ideology is socially unacceptable.

Non partisan early voting shuttles were provided for jointly by the Politics and Government department and the Student Involvement Office at five different times to provide students transportation to and from the Delaware County Board of Elections.

One can frequently expect to see a plethora of various Clinton apparel strolling across campus, though countable on a single hand is an embroidered “Make America Great Again” slogan. But in regard to verbal support for Clinton, the same can be said.

While college campuses are hardly conservative, any showing of a right-leaning motion seems almost
taboo at OWU, with the overwhelming support for Clinton surely causing the opinions of campus Repub- licans to feel exhaustingly isolated.

As the college demographic represents a crucial portion of voters, registering while at OWU was made as simple as possible, due to a large presence of campaign volunteers.

The early voting process was an easier process for time-strapped students, allowing them the weekend to get to the polls.


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