Is your bracket busted?

Is your bracket busted?

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By Evan Walsh, Chief Copy Editor

Chances are you know someone, or know someone who knows someone that needs NCAA Tournament therapy.

Fear not, they are simply suffering from “Busted Bracket-itis.”

Do a quick search on and you probably won’t find anything about it. But if you spend ve minutes during these two crazy weeks at a Buffalo Wild Wings or any sports bar you will see just how real this syndrome is. (Disclaimer: Busted Bracket-itis is not actually a real thing … please don’t sue me,

The Men’s NCAA basketball tournament begins with 64 teams and over the course of several weeks the field will get whittled down one by one until a champion is crowned.

As fans of men’s college basketball know, making a perfect bracket where the winner of each game in each round is chosen is impossible. The chances of that happening are something like 1 in 6360309209. Not good.

So, as fans (or casual spectators feeling this annual bet-making itch) know, you should make educated guesses. But educated guesses, grounded in logic and informed by statistics, mean nothing. After all, it is “madness.”


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