Is your bracket busted?

By Evan Walsh, Chief Copy Editor

Chances are you know someone, or know someone who knows someone that needs NCAA Tournament therapy.

Fear not, they are simply suffering from “Busted Bracket-itis.”

Do a quick search on web.md and you probably won’t find anything about it. But if you spend ve minutes during these two crazy weeks at a Buffalo Wild Wings or any sports bar you will see just how real this syndrome is. (Disclaimer: Busted Bracket-itis is not actually a real thing … please don’t sue me, web.md.)

The Men’s NCAA basketball tournament begins with 64 teams and over the course of several weeks the field will get whittled down one by one until a champion is crowned.

As fans of men’s college basketball know, making a perfect bracket where the winner of each game in each round is chosen is impossible. The chances of that happening are something like 1 in 6360309209. Not good.

So, as fans (or casual spectators feeling this annual bet-making itch) know, you should make educated guesses. But educated guesses, grounded in logic and informed by statistics, mean nothing. After all, it is “madness.”


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