Coaches Corner: Q&A with Roger Ingles

By Aleksei Pavloff, Sports Editor

Roger is leaving OWU this May to start at Capital University.

Q: Why did you feel this was the time to leave OWU?

A: It is as much about the great opportunity that Capital provides as it is the timing. I have been considering making a change for a while and the Capital position matches extremely well with my skill set and with the new enthusiasm President Paul has brought to campus and her focus on student experience, it was a great fit.

Q: How difficult was this decision and what were the factors?

A: This was very difficult. Making any move is a tough choice but to leave a place you deeply loved and have spent a lot of time and effort at is difficult. I have many wonderful friends among our staff, faculty and alumni. They will be hard to leave but staying close by makes it much easier. The key factors are the direction Capital is moving, the support for the athletic and recreation programs and the desire to grow and become one of the best Division III programs in the country. All are similar goals that I have.

Q: What are some of the things you love about OWU athletics?

A:The students are absolutely the best part of OWU athletics. I enjoy every day with them and watching them grow as students, athletes and people. We have a great staff of which many I have hired and we have a passionate and supportive alumni.

Q: What are you proud to have accomplished?

A: I am proud that I have always fought for gender equity and fairness in the department, demanding a commitment to being a true student-athlete and providing great coaches, facilities and programs to our athletes. We have increased the coaching staff, built and renovated our facilities and developed some great ways to recognize our students and alumni. I am very proud of our Bishop Backer group and the outstanding working relationship developed between the Delaware Community and OWU Athletics.

Q: What will you miss about OWU?

A: Everything but mostly the great people who Ohio Wesleyan attracts. The great thing about this move is my wife and I remain close, Jo will continue to teach at OWU and our son Brad works in the alumni office. The Capital teams play OWU a lot and I expect I will see a lot of OWU.


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