New psychology professor dives into Ohio Wesleyan culture

By Reilly Wright, Photo Editor

Ohio Wesleyan University’s newest psychology faculty addition can either be found in Phillips Hall or Meek Aquatic Center.

The new assistant professor of psychology and avid swimmer, Chris Modica, joined the OWU community in August.

Previously an assistant professor at Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology for three years, Modica was chosen for OWU after a nationwide search for a clinical or counseling psychologist.

“Though we brought in three very strong candidates, Modica ended up rising above the rest and received the job offer,” said Kyle Smith, associate professor of psychology. “We’re very fortunate that he decided to accept it.”

Smith also said Modica’s pre-OWU experiences are different from what most of the faculty have had. His fresh perspective on the faculty’s old questions made Modica a strong candidate.

Professionally, Modica specializes in areas such as psychotherapy and counseling, but he has a primary interest in sociocultural variables within eating disorders and body image.

“I was really kind of undecided for much of my college time … my senior year I took a class in abnormal psychology—which I teach now—and psychotherapy theories … and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world,” Modica said.

Modica has taught students since he began earning his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Ball State University in 2008. Currently a licensed psychologist in Ohio and Indiana, he has experience in private practice and clinical work since 2012 with therapy and assessments.

“I think [psychology] is a good fit for my personality,” Modica said. “I don’t think I knew that at the time, but I tend to be much more gentle and I tend to be a deep thinker … But it’s a good fit for that.”

Since his move to campus, Modica expresses his enjoyment with students’ engagement and how familiar the community is with one another. He encourages any student interested in psychology to reach out and ask deep questions.

“Modica is very approachable, so I’d encourage people to come to Phillips and meet him,” Smith said. “You also might bump into him at Meek where he puts in some laps just about every day.”

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