Summer in April for the students to tie and dye

By Maddie Matos, A&E Editor

Engaging students in the campus community can be challenging, but Ohio Wesleyan University proved it can be done through the different events hosted on campus.

Students gathered on the front lawn of Smith Hall to tie-dye different pieces of clothes. The activity was held on April 13th and was sponsored by the Student Involvement Office, as part of their Oh-Weekend series.

The event brought around thirty people to Smith, an outcome that excited those involved with the planning.

“This tie-dye event was kind of just a jump in the water and see what we got but it seemed like it was a real hit, and the weather was really helping too,” coordinator for student activities Dina Daltorio said.

The Oh-Weekends are a way for students to find activities on campus that prevent drinking or other reckless behaviors. The weekends in the past have included s’mores night, game nights and open mic night.

Students are asked to fill out surveys after each weekend to help pick what events happen on campus Different organizations are also allowed to sponsor an Oh-Weekend, like PRIDE did with their drag show on April 7th.

“Student organizations can fill out a funding form, so if it’s on the weekend and meets certain requirements, they can get up to 250 hundred dollars for the organization to have an Oh-Weekend,” Daltorio said.

Students from all dorms and genders came to the event, something that allows students a chance to engage and meet one another.

“It’s something you don’t really see too often,” Daltorio said.
The weather was a factor for students coming, with temperatures reaching up to 70 degrees fahrenheit.

“It’s so warm out so it feels like summer already,” freshman Jordan Barling said.

Event goers were given ice cream sandwiches as well as the supplies needed to tie-dye. Dye quickly ran out, leaving some late comers without dye.

For those who received dye, they were given instructions by student and staff leaders on how to prepare their new clothes, so they will be able to be worn later in the week.

Tie-dye is often a collective activity, with different groups and
organizations doing it as a form of bonding.

“It’s an interactive event,” Daltorio said.


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