Bishops experience wins, losses and new places

Freshman Kelsey Bowling rushes to defend a Capital attacker in a recent loss to the Crusaders. Photo by Leia Mizas.
Freshman Kelsey Bowling rushes to defend a Capital attacker in a recent loss to the Crusaders. Photo by Leia Mizas.

Olivia Lease, Online Editor

A bittersweet feeling was left on the field on March 19 as Ohio Wesleyan’s women’s lacrosse team rallied against Capital, but was ultimately defeated in the last quarter. At Oberlin, the men’s lacrosse team took home another win.

Both teams had the opportunity to travel over spring break: the women’s team to San Juan, Puerto Rico, while the men’s team went to Maryland.

Clouds blocked out the sun and a chilly wind kept spectators at Selby Stadium alert as the women’s game played.

Capital, ahead by 4 points at the start of the third quarter, made it a difficult match.

“The game against Capital was a tough loss since the score was so close, but everyone on the team gave it their all which is all that matters,” said freshman Sofia Corrao. She contributed 2 assists and scored 2 goals by the end of the game.

Sophomore Cory Anna Kinder Kinder led the Bishops with 3 goals.

Head Coach Chelsea Huguenard said, “Our goalkeeping from both Natalie [Reddy] and Kelly [Coffyn] kept us in the game.  Our second half we played much better on the offensive end, but it was just not enough.” The final score was 13-11.

Meanwhile, at Oberlin, the men’s lacrosse team won their game with a final score of 19-9.

The Bishops had an 11-0 run to start the game. Within the first minute of the game, freshman Jack Harvey scored a goal, giving the Bishops a nice lead.

Freshman Max Tennant led the Bishops with 4 goals and an assist. Junior Ben Rigger was credited with 8 saves.

Both teams had the opportunity to compete as well as grow closer as a team as they travelled to new places during spring break.

The women’s team traveled to Puerto Rico together which brought new challenges, Coach Huguenard said.

Huguenard said the area was beautiful but, “The heat was a new obstacle we have not dealt with this season, and also the competition was fierce.”

The team played two games, one against Oneonta State and one against Roanoke. The Bishops lost both games.

Senior Patricia Ryan said she was proud of how her team performed. “You only get better when you go up against competition like that.”

Coming back to OWU, the team had no time to relax. They played two games and finally got a break this past Sunday.

“It’s been very exhausting, but this team is motivated,” Huguenard said.

In Maryland, the men’s team played two games as well, one against Salisbury which was a close loss of 12-13 and another against Messiah, which the Bishops won 17-3.

The women’s lacrosse team played next at Muskingum on March 23 at 7 p.m. The men’s lacrosse team plays next on March 26 at 1 p.m. against Kenyon in Selby Stadium.

Women’s lacrosse switches focus of practices to team building

Women Lax 2
Members of the women’s lacrosse team. Photo courtesy of Coach Chelsea Huguenard.

Ohio Wesleyan women’s lacrosse is changing their focus: Team chemistry is taking the front burner.

“I think we have always been a very bonded team, but then on the field, our play doesn’t reflect that,” senior Abbie Love said. “So this season, we are taking the steps to learn to work more as a cohesive unit and build each other up.”

Last season, the women’s lacrosse team finished 8-9 and 2-6 in the NCAC, according to team captain senior Eileen Foley.

In order to perform better in the NCAC, Foley said the team has been trying a revamped style of practice.

“We are doing a lot more conditioning this season,” Foley said. “We’re dedicating one day per week just to yoga and stretching.”

The women's lacrosse team. Photo courtesy of Coach Chelsea Huguenard.
The women’s lacrosse team. Photo courtesy of Coach Chelsea Huguenard.

Foley also said the team is learning from last season in other ways.

“We learned that we do a lot better when we are less structured,” Foley said. “Plus it helps that our coaches live and breathe OWU lacrosse.”

Foley said last season was more of a building year. It was Coach Chelsea Huguenard’s first year coaching at OWU.

“This season, we’re also a lot more focused on the process,” Huguenard said. She added the practices include not only drills and 11 vs. 11 scrimmages, but also on team-building exercises to improve the team’s chemistry.

Before coming to OWU, Huguenard coached at Olentangey High School for three years and at Kenyon College for two years.

“Coming to coach at OWU has pretty much been a dream come true for me,” Huguenard said.